Mission Statement

Inclusive Security Group are a business who aim to break down the challenges of traditional security and door supervision. Director Francis Chinemelu has over fifteen years’ experience in delivering consistent, professional, but customer-focused safety to bars restaurants and venues across the UK and Europe.  Our discreet dress code, and key aims to provide clients and customers with an inclusive, enjoyable and safe occasion out, has led us to grow business and support a wide range of clients within the West Yorkshire area. 

Each venue we provide services for are different, no two venues are the same! Exactly how we like it! 

We are proud of our local roots but understand and work with the client to understand venue and staff culture, size and target market. Our “Inclusive” service reflects this, ensuring we provide a worker matching service for each venue, we know a one size fits all approach may work in the short term, but we are here to ensure our clients love our personal approach for years to come ! 

Your Company’s is pleased to submit this proposal for services to support Client’s Company in delivering a customer focused enjoyable but safe space for eating drinking & socializing.  We are a small boutique business who pride ourselves in challenging the stereotype of traditional venue security. ISG values centre on approachable, smart, and professional staff, supported locally at all times by a local and hands on company Director. We commit to working with our clients to ensure we build a safe and renowned venue.

  •  Increase support and flexibility for security service provision
  •  Provide an excellent but value for money service 
  •  Increase the customer service based reputation for the security industry

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the team, or use the contact function. 

Thank you