Founder And Principal Director

Founder and principal Director Francis Chinemelu has over 15 years of experience in front line security management.
Francis has worked for a number of years across the U.K and Europe in every social situation imaginable, from the bright lights of mass event management of festivals to the discreet and elite members-only venues.
The founding of the Inclusive Security group came about when there a gap was noticed in the industry, with the need for the ‘modern’ security staff where a high focus of customer service combined with good safety management awareness was noticed. Inclusive was born and since 2019 has become the go-to brand for venues that like our unique approach to safety management.
Our approach to professionalism and making sure we do the right thing in business makes sure that we protect your business without best practice models. You can be assured from the first contact to the signing of service level agreement means that we are open, honest and transparent in our processes.
We task the best personnel under contract to deliver all aspects of the business. We have a dedicated consultant on hand to support consultants and our values clients with legal and resource queries. We have this role available to ensure that we can provide the best services to all persons associated with the Inclusive Security group legally and most importantly be able to deliver operational excellence.

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